Top 5 Best Gaming Headsets You can Buy 2017 – Best Headset for PC, XBox, PS4

Watch the best gaming headsets available for PCs, Xbox One and … which allows you to pick up the top-rated headset Top 5 Best Gaming Headsets You can …


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  1. These headset are cheap brand . I wouldn't go with it . For pc triton are the best for optimal gaming . Trust me 12 yrs of world of Warcraft everyday . You can call me a nerd

  2. My top 5 headsets for game: they all work with consoles and pc and are all wireless through a receiver

    pro: good design, good mic, cheaper than other high tech mic
     cons: no surround sound, requires proprietary cable to connect the wireless receiver and optical port.

    4 Logitech G933
    pro: customize button and lights, multiple device pair
    cons: no surround sound for consoles, bulky

    3.  Astro Gaming A50 wireless
    pro: good audio surround sound, adjustable volume and chat separately
    cons: non detachable mic, bit older and price hasn't dropped..

    2. Tritton Katana
    pro: adjust volume and voice chat separately, true hdmi surround sound
    cons: bad material feels cheap, mic sounds low, hdmi 2.0 may or may not work

    1. Steeleseries Siberia 840
    pro: comfortable, good design casual and slick, multi input, adjustable settings through amp, Bluetooth, surround sound
    cons: pricey, bad mic quality for the price

  3. The Turtle Beach Elite 800 is a lot better than any of these headsets just trust me I have both the Astros and the Elite 800s and I prefer the Elite 800s and most reviewers say the Elite 800s are the best headsets

  4. So can anyone PLEASE tell me why are these better than Sony MDR1000X for gaming when it wins in all aspects, the best(?) noise cancelling and perfect&pure&accurate sound quality of all other headsets.. why hasn't it ever been recommended for gaming?

  5. I don't recommend the Man O war because when I got it and used it for like 2 months, the top area with the cushion broke and it's hurting my head like crazy. It broke really easily and I did handle it with care.

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