Gadget Review – Episode 42 – Xiaomi Mi 3 Review

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  1. Hi, I purchased MI3 6 days back and at earpiece its getting hot.. after using for 15-20 of call or listening to music it gtes hot like hell. is this problem with all MI3 or it is some manufacturing defect in my phone.
    kindly reply for this issue.

  2. im going to buy a phone lately.. but i got such a huge dilemma . which is better? lenovo vibeZ or the mi3? i love the vibeZ camera and larger screen but MIUI proves to be more user friendly.. Any opinions on this? or should i wait for mi4 to come?

  3. There is no way to tell what music or song is playing directly from locked screen if you are using third party app like Spotify. Does anybody know how to make it like in iPhone where you lock the phone and you can still see what is playing?

  4. not sure why everyboday goes for 16gb? i went for 64gb  and really its worth the price diffrence!!  its super fast storagfe as well dvd movie will just take sec or 20.

  5. congrats for the nice review – i am happy owner of mi3 64 gig in white – bought in hanoi vietnam – the best ever smartphone and the fastest at the moment!

  6. Since the Mi3 just hit the market in late May this year, I expect that it is quite difficult to purchase one of the unit due to limited stocks available. I plan to purchase one unit with the help of my friend in Shanghai but what I am concerned about is whether the unit can be used here in Malaysia. Since there is a difference between the Tetra 4(for China market) and the Snapdragon 800(for Malaysia), will I be able to use the phone and all its features. Which is the better between the Tetra4 and Snapdragon. Please advise.

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