32 Upcoming PSVR Games of 2018 & Beyond | Best New Virtual Reality Games on the PSVR

Presenting a list of the 33 Virtual Reality games to be released on the PSVR. These are all the best VR Games that are coming this 2018 and beyond. Support this channel by clicking the amazon…


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  1. when all you want from vr is arcade shooter games like house of the dead vr, time crises vr, maybe new shooter like resident evil umbrella chronicles 3 vr, Jurassic park shooter fuck there missing some good opportunities godamit

  2. Psvr really needs to get the people their money worth…all this 1.5 hour gameplay bullshit….Nigga I feel bad for rift and vive players coughing up dem $$$$.

  3. For me and not on your list will be Dreams from Media Molecule; it is the most exciting. Moss and Star Child I have some interest in. I can't think of anything else yet.

  4. Legion Commander YES – VISAGE feels like forever since that was announced cant wait to walk around in that place in VR holy crap. Kill X looks like the descent in VR, il be looking out fo that. Allison road goes without saying. Last one looks good but Il watch a trailer. Sony will make a bomb if all these come out. Everyone will want to buy VR.

  5. Now, if EA can finally do something good and create a Star Wars: Rogue Squadron VR game, that would be amazing. But probably wouldn't make them money so it's a dead dream.

  6. Bomber looks like a lot of junk games being released for the PlayStation 4. I was hoping for much better games. And I noticed there was no Elder Scrolls 4 PC on your list. Are they not going to release Skyrim for PC this year?

  7. They need a more social multiplayer game for vr. I feel ps4 is definently lacking in that area.

    I know there is rec room, but it would be nice to have something with unique customizable avatars.

  8. Game #31 – Allison Road – wasn't it canceled? update: according to Wiki, it was resumed a few months after but no update mentioned since 2016…. Anyone hear any news?

  9. VR is perfectly made for jumping into the cockpit of fighter jets and space fighters and they're wasting their time with gimmiky dolphin school and "horror" games.

  10. Why does it bother me that he pronounced the first one as if it read "the impatient" like a bunch of people who aren't patient as opposed to "the in-patient" like someone in a mental ward.

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