Cheaper than Tesla Model 3? Top 10 Alternative Electric Cars with Good Battery Range

The official presentation of Tesla Model 3 was just spectacular – all electric car enthusiast saw a product that they all want – an EV that is affordable, has a good battery life and driving range.

But Model 3 is still a long way from being delivered to the first lucky drivers, so can we find a car that will be similar to this electric vehicle now (preferably with a decent range and for an affordable price)? Let’s take a look at the automotive alternatives that we can have now.

Cars featured in this top 10 rating:

Elon Musk’s Tesla Model 3:
Mercedes-Benz B250e Electric Drive:
Volkswagen I.D.:
Chevrolet Bolt EV:
BMW i3:
Volkswagen e-Golf:
KIA Soul EV:
Toyota Mirai:
Chevrolet Volt:
Nissan Leaf:


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  1. Can't wait to buy Ev when they are available in Indonesia. Internal combustion engines have been responsible for the air and noise pollution and they generated a lot of heat. I'm done with that.

  2. m-3 is years away from being produced? it's already began deliveries in july (of the massive back log)

    1. Mercedes B250e is$40Kusd it maxes out @ 87miles (133less than m-3) range & slow (uses Tesla's gen1 battery pack/motor, similar as in the roadster under contract), its just discontinued by MB = FAIL
    2. BMW i3 nice interior, quick, good tech, carbon fiber body pannels, 114miles range (109miles less than m-3) 0-60 in 6.5-6.8sec, @ $43+usd same money @half the range. Weird looks, low sales = FAIL
    3. eGolf @29Kusd, its outdated, overpticed, slow but practical (137less than m-3) range, hmmm? = Big FAIL
    4. Kia Soul EV @ 32Kued practical and suspicious but cheep, u get 93mile max range at a blistering 11sec (passed by bicycles for God sake) & all the cool looks (eye roll) = JUST NO
    5. VW I.D? seriously and alternative how? its a concept & a poor one at that, designed by some weirdo obsessed with spying on people. And what is ID?, I used to sell Diesel? = Hell NO, FAIL
    6. Bolt EV great range, good LG-tech, quick good car. $37.5-43K for a small car? Confused Marketing & market segmentation (do Americans buy sub-compacts or mid-size sedans, SUVs & trucks? = PASS
    7. Mirai is not an EV. Period. Its also $57K+usd or about 40% more, and spectacularly HIDEOUS. Vain slashing FAIL
    8. Volt again not a EV but a PHEV with a gas engine (this one should have been made into the BOLT) as it actually looks nice. Ditch the gas engine & add batteries and @ $33K people would buy = HOLD
    9. Nissan Leaf gen1. @ 29Kusd for 107miles of range, Leaf its it's own greatest enemy (hint: LEAF GEN-2), slow but with good interior space will be passed by all once Gen2 is shown in 3 weeks = FAIL
    10. Used Model-S all good but price way to high still, as it holds high resale value so it wont be cheep even used, bonus free supercharger access. Even used 2 expensive = HOLD
    11. BONUS missing from this list: Nissan LEAF-2 (aka Gen-2), normal looks, great ergonomics, good range 150-170-miles, good price at 26-29K, coming soon (unavailing Aug 14) = PASS

  3. WTF is a Electric Moder? So the Only Car that has an Electric Motor is the Fucking Piece of Shit Kia all the Others have Electric Moders.

  4. HMM the EVs that the poster lists are all inferior in MANY ways. So why rush out to buy one now rather than wait for the Model 3 which is far better than ALL of them. After all we are only talking about a year which is not very long really.

  5. Cheaper than a model 3?
    Range a fraction of the model 3?
    Acceleration no better than a petrol car and far less than a model 3?
    A 3 hour charge to 80%?

    These cars are a decade behind Tesla! The manufacturers have tested on their oil burning counterparts and been left behind by a forward thinker. By the time they catch up the hyperloop will probably revolutionise the transport industry…

  6. SORRY TO SAY, but before adding huge fleet of EV's in the new vehicle sales, at least 50% of the electricity must be made from renewable energy and it should be growing. No one talks about that, it is important to be proactive here. the huge number of EV fleet in next 2 decades could almost double the electricity demand which will be obviously coming from fossil fuels because they are cheap and stable electricity generators.

    TESLA says it is going towards being sustainable, it is NOT sustainable until the whole electricity generation is from renewable energy which is only 14% in USA. if EV companies are really proactive on being sustainable they must first make solutions to make more than 50% electricity from renewable energy and only then they should start selling EV's. they do not do this because profitability, becoming a big company is what is driving them. so no EV including TESLA is NOT ACCELERATING THE WORLDS TRANSITION TO SUSTAINABLE ENERGY! i seriously doubt that if proactive steps are not taken, electricity demand from fossil fuels may rise unexpectedly!

    3rd generation bio fuels in parallel to zero toxic pollution, Zero Noise and high power density IC engines are going to be seen very soon, which will make the travel absolutely clean and sustainable. then comes making the car sustainable which includes replacing plastic's with bio plastics and getting rid of any environmentally harmful materials in the car and making the whole CAR 100% recyclable. Mazda and many other manufacturers are already in this way. think through it and think proactively!

    please do correct me if I am wrong

  7. What the heck? I mean, as a car lover, i will take Tesla above all these cars no matter what. It looks good and for God's sake, who the hell will compare those "things" with a Tesla?

  8. Very nice, but with one exception: the side areas with moving text are a distraction. Just the cars themselves would have been more effective.

  9. I actually like that you added the Toyota Miraj to your report. I think, while it is a bit of a different car, it deserves to be named; just like the Honda Clarity.

  10. e-Golf: No active cooling system, nearly all battery capacity is useable…that is not the best idea….all in all: Volkswagen is way behind other manufacturers such as GM, Tesla.

  11. The list is OK. But I'm still only excited for the Model 3, it is worth every penny. Tesla fanboys, like the comment, join the club!!!

  12. An ev is a vehicle with no other propulsion than batteries and electric motors. Automakers can call them what they want, it does not change what they are. Just more marketing bs.

  13. Except for the Bolt all others get half the range of the Model 3, others are not evs, and still others are not actual cars yet. Not really competitors at this point.

  14. Tesla has said they will deliver their first model 3 sedans in 3rd quarter of 2017 not mid 2018 as this video suggests. they better do their homework before presenting something.

  15. Big slip up here, allot of these cars are hybrid with polluting I.C.E. engines!
    I was meant to be electric only review?
    Plus allot of them are more pricey than the tesla model 3 and not as good!

  16. Tesla plans to ramp up production for the Model 3 in summer 2017. Why would they wait to deliver them until summer 2018? That may be true for the rest of the world, but in the USA they surely start delivery much earlier and within 2017.

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