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Should you invest in WANChain? WANChain CryptoCurrency! Crypto News!!
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  1. The crypto show which makes my weeks better. Shout out from Mama Africa and hope to see 200 k subs in the near future! Cheers for everything bro! ALSO WAN WILL BE A GEM IN 2018!


  2. Ive just bought a ltc today after seeing all the positive news, would like to get in on wanchain but I worry ive missed the current run and would need to wait for a correction to feel confident.

  3. Promising roadmap… after convincing myself I wouldn't put any more $ into crypto for a while, I've now reconsidering…

  4. Waiting for the price to drop. Not getting caught up in the FOMO. If not, there's always FUSION and NEUROCHAIN that hasn't come out yet. LTC: MFBYCGG1zFBi3qUkgZMN6VjAsq266geiP4

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