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  1. I think no one knows for sure…the weekends have been slower since January anyhow. As long as we don't dramatically retrace we will be OK IMO. There is some (but by no means all) of the big money that is coming in now, and they don't trade on weekends. They are busy on their yachts and visiting the grand-kids. You have a better chance of hitting the lottery than getting one of these big money types to throw a ton of USD in BTC on a Sunday afternoon. LOL. Just wait until Monday. I think we will be OK and as the week progresses we will be OK. Certainly I would think 10K before 6K because we had no buyers last time at 6K, the Algo Bots were trading with themselves and the hodlers were hodling…

  2. Intersesting time right now . I might need to pullout this time do not want to lose my gains !
    I missed Hacken its up might wait to buy in the dip.

  3. IF Btc goes down again to 6K, the guy that announced the BTC futures, saying it will ''TAME BTC'', is going to be right in that manner and that would be a very, very bad signal. In the sence that it will never go up again as high as before, and forget even higher. Cause that would be the proof that they can short the hell out of it time and time again.

  4. you are too much looking at charts, its the right time. So cool everybody talks about but nobody knows for sure. BULL trend confirmed? I do wonder why people pay you that much if you can research it yourself.

  5. Hey Kirby, what do you think about the close similarities between the bitcoin charts of 2014 and 2018? According to the 2014 chart, we should be having another bear run. So I just wanted to know your thoughts on that.

  6. In my unexperienced opinion: still not enough time past after massive people burn in January and February then after they massively took loans just to buy bitcoin for 15,000$ and higher they have lost 60-70% of their money by being forced to sell it for taxes before April. It will take I think at least 6-8 months for masses to be ready for another madness buying. Till that time we will live on rich and smart investors money, what I don't think is a bad thing… Please correct me if you find me wrong, I am still extremely new in the space, a lot of things have to learn

  7. I can see us moving back to 7900, but a nice reversal leading my position to be Bullish all thru May if Volume continues to grow. Imagine a mirror image of the chart up till 19k

  8. I think 6k, maybe even lower, but there could be a lot of chop over many months before we get way back down to the bottom, the real bottom before rebounding

  9. I think we might see a double Bart Simpson. We have an inverted Bart Simpson at recent lows, and an upright Simpson peaking his head. Recent Bart Simpson patterns indicate that HFT wales have been shaking out the markets. Will we see another Bart Simpson Kirb?

  10. My two cent opinion based on the low volume is that we're headed back down . My additional belief is to not guess what price bitcoin will dip to – just simply be aware that when Litecoin approaches $ 110.00 U.S. the buyers come in and Bitcoin seems super linked to it . Some talk about the two coins diverging but , all I see over and over – a green or red candle on LTC and guess what a moment later on BTC .

  11. My thoughts about the direction of the price of BTC is this… I'm personally more than ready for it to take off and get out of this downtrend… it's been nothing but a nightmare since I got into this space back in January. I thought the market was feeling the same since this last bullish week and a half… but since the knock back at 9k, it's got me thinking that in the Wall Street Cheat Sheet of the Psychology of a Market Cycle – I don't think we've really hit the "PANIC" stage, followed by Capitulation and perhaps, that's what other people in crypto are also thinking… so I think the more experienced traders are still standing on the bylines and waiting for fear and FUD on an even bigger scale than we have seen already. Maybe 35% up to 10k, and the majority going to 65% down to 6k or lower…

  12. we are in a bull market. Its just slower and more timid….thats a sign that what we are gaining is legit and solid.

  13. although we have breached the downward trend on the linear, you should really be cross-checking it with the log chart… that is the acid test… in my opinion you should be using that as the confirmation of out of the downtrend.

  14. Good review… There is too much resistance, and no way all the Big investor got in it… we will go higher, maybe 10K but then we will drop again!

  15. I agree 100% look at the small market cap and coin distribution of Hacken and the myriad of use case Hacken has ! It is indeed a gem, better than most as far as versatility and use case !

  16. I’m taking a nimble approach bro! I’ll go wherever the market takes me, look for a higher low combined with price action and price levels.. go long. It’s a game of probabilities, if bitcoin hits resistance and gets slammed lower, I’ll hold tight, wait and go long from lower levels. Plan your entry and plan your exit.
    Great run bro, keep up the great work!

  17. Good choice on Hacken, also got some of this recently. I think it'll be back around $6 if BTC breaks $9k with some encouraging lightsabers. Definitely not ruling out $6k either and got buy orders set. PS – Just noticed an interesting comparison between the savage 2014-2015 correction and 2018 correction so-far, they both only lost 1 months of gains. Coincidence?

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