OnePlus 6 Impressions!

OnePlus 6 is finally unveiled for $529. Here’s everything you need to know about it! OnePlus 5T: OnePlus 6 skins: …


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  1. See here is the problem for 1+ in US. It starts because it's cheap. While it's still "cheap" these days, you can easily score a Samsung flagship or iPhone 8P for about the same money via sales or carrier incentives. The attractiveness isn't quite there any more

  2. One plus made fun of the iPhone for the notch. Now made the same notch.

    It’s just seems very lame. Stick to your guns if you started something.

  3. I understand why Apple added the notch, to remove the need for any other bezels, but why are other companies like OnePlus doing it but not removing the chin?

    Have a notch and no other bezels like the iPhone X or just have a small chin and forehead like the S9 and Pixel 2; don't have a notch just for the sake of having a notch by also having a chin.

  4. Having a notch and still a chin? Looks amateurish and ugly to me. And also look at how the shape of the display is different from the shape of the device. Then look at how Apple does it with the iPhone X. Why is Apple still the only company that can get this right? Plus Android's on-screen buttons taking away screen real estate and looking ugly as hell at the same time… Android phones look like Frankenstein's Monster 😀

  5. Dont't want to sound biased but the iphone x is the only design with a notch that i can dig. Im a android guy, rocking a s9 but the way other manufactures are doing the notch and still having bottom and top bezels just looks ugly to me. Iphone x that has an even slim bezel all around the phone, with a bigger notch just looks way better then what other companies are doing even if they achieve higher screen to body ratio.

  6. 2 Things: No need for a glass back if there isn't wireless charging… No need for a notch if you have a decent sized chin on the bottom of the phone. These decisions by OnePlus make no sense at all.

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