Highlights from Houston Outlaws’ surprising 3-1 victory over the Boston Uprising | Esports | ESPN

The Houston Outlaws started rolling and just didn’t stop in their 3-1 victory over the Boston Uprising in Week 1 of Stage 4 for the Overwatch League. ✓ Subscribe …


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  1. I'm happy to see esports getting recognition but i you've never seen or played this game this video looks like a jumbled mess to you lol.

  2. By definition, it is a sport. But, it's not an ATHLETIC sport, meaning it doesn't require lots of physical exertion. To act as of there is a lack of skill or coordination needed to play at a high level is just being idiotic. There's not a single person who'll watch/comment on this video who's better than the people in these clips

  3. Why are you covering this wannabe esports garbage?

    If someone says a curse word in this trashcan of a league, they get banned for 30 days

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