TRAVEL WITH NEO – CryptoCurrency Travel Booking – Travala ICO Review

Travel with Neo! CryptoCurrency booking platform!

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  1. Thank you for always sharing your high level of expertise, we all owe you a lot Z!

  2. I'm interested to see what the future holds for travel industry, perhaps we could see a development of direct to the airline ticket sales via smart contract…M97hMtjv3Wo2YRBrxkNZgczV6qNmivXjJA

  3. CCN keep going guys! What do you think about STQ? (storiqa)It looks amazing!
    Anyway, this project looks good!
    LTC: MEZKLckfz1B2i4R1XcPeK1kN36jHbUXGJS

  4. Lovin Moon's videos, very informative. The travel industry is HUGE, I think concierge will grow. Congrats on the engagement! NEO chain projects are sleeping giants, NEO is one of the most undervalued big league players in the market right now: Lc8TsyiBAtjQx53WAbcRqhoB8DDdarWEN6

  5. NEO is being utilized for these projects which is great, hopefully NEO can moon pending all the projects on their platform do well!


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