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Tether printed $250M USDT tokens on May 18, 2018!

? Let’s get this crypto!

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  1. It’s not like 10 years ago where bitcoin was just for the average jo now it’s big money makeing business for the rich who don’t need it !!!

  2. As much as Tether is suspicious, its inclusion in the Crypto market does have advantages for those avoiding crashes or short term dumps. On the other hand, if Bitcoin is being pumped with Quantative 'Thin Air' USDT, then its actual supposed or percieved value becomes inflated. With that being said, is there an argument to suggest USDT actually benefits BTC investors? Thanks for the video 🙂

  3. looking for excuses now for why it didnt go the way you thought, no mouse voices today hey, more humble i see lol, dont worry i was wrong too, i thought it was gonna go down to 7777

  4. Can one see the wind or the current under the ocean……BITCOIN IS GLOBAL…many are trying to time the msrket yet its getting harder and harder….yes this can go to the moon……and many may shot it…But if it is global and greater adoption …it will be like a volcano unpredictible…..amd its limited Supply… the REAL math….each coin may be worth more yhan the blue hope Diamond.

  5. How does it even work that this can raise the price of BTC? because bitfinex themselves are buying BTC with the newly printed Tether? And than they will sell the btc higher and dump the market?

  6. You have no bio, no name, nothing as far as i see, how do you expect people to join your VIP and pay you for advise? What is your educational background, what is your real profit/loss data including your losses?, even if they are small losses you should list them. Nobody makes only profit. Just writing green % numbers and advertising with a jpeg with 110 75 50 25 % gains every 5 min of your video does not mean anything. Sorry for being harsh, i follow you and watch you and thanks for the content, but i think you are over advertising and you are not backing it up with real data. Show us your linkedin profile. Tell us your name. Show us your real time data, profits, losses. Then we are talking. Anyway, either take my advise or criticize me with your mickey mouse voice.

  7. Last night I called it and put some calls out to my people letting them know that the pressure was down everything was looking down so it was time to buy that there was going to be a forward motion the next week and a half approximately

  8. If we can get up to 9900 USD and fail, at least I can get out properly this time. Last time I waited to long….caused me a bit pain :p But I'm not optimistic before I see the night go by (Norwegian) time and tomorrow

  9. The scariest thing in the market for me now is not global regulation, scams, or a binnance hack – but a major Tether fraud exposed. Maybe a whistle blower might be earlier than a proper audit (which they keep delaying). I'd hate the idea of buying price inflated coins.

  10. I agree, nothing to worry about tether in short term unless they get audited. I bought in a couple positions after the bounce off the 7800 support line for short term gains but will be keeping a close eye throughout the week. Could be a tripple bottom but it has to cross under that 7800 support in the short term.

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