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Earn free cryptocurrency with this crypto ICO project! Watch and learn about BirdChain!
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  1. Birdchain is an original project and a good idea with a professional team and very engaged community.
    If you want to be a part of Global Basic Income this project is for you?

  2. To be true all ICO's sound good , but they reckon 90% of all projects will fall aside . Just gonna wait till it comes out on to exchanges . MSTkZvQT9KtJghfwLjujKMwGkVZRPFH8vX

  3. You should maybe consider giving Max a little more screen-time.. Loved his casual attitude to looking at the market..
    Great video as usual man and thanks for the LTC drop: LfLYcfb9xrPMbV4HJDYF5hqCPmNZhKnBz8

  4. SMS still has the biggest number of users as not everyone has access to the internet. This project has a good future. Thanks for the review.

  5. So many similar products coming out. It’s like picking between Facebook and MySpace 10 years ago LKfHMSPfyF7R7NYGNPozdn1ztzsrJnhhrj

  6. Seemed a very good project with good team and partners like CV etc and study of your channel is ?


  7. Bird shit, decentralization bird shit, bird shit on the block-chain, tokenism birdshit

  8. Blockchain technologies have so many applications,great project,but still not revolutionary.Thanx for the Vid,still looking for crazy ICO that will risk to invest.


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