1970s Japanese Spider-Man: Gadgets | Earth’s Mightiest Show

Toei created a truly AMAZING 1970’s TV Show featuring our favorite wall-crawling super hero, Spider-Man. Here are the best weird, wild and wonderful gadgets.


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  1. Fun Fact: This "Japanese Spiderman" TV film was originally going to be a Moon Knight TV film, but the Studio changed their mind mid way into production…. They were also thinking about making a 3D Man TV movie as well.

  2. I 'm from japan.But I 'm not proud of this.
    I want to apologize for marvel fans.
    my English is sucks sorry.

  3. Japanese Spider-man needs to be released on DVD and Digital Download. The fact that this video features it and it can not be found to view is kind of a dick move…. look what I have seen and you haven't…….. Yay! Japanese Spider-Man

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