Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 5/28/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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  2. Jan 6, March 6, May 6 all start a significant down trend.

    Feb 6 and April 6 both start a significant up trend. Looking for June 6 signal. I think the current up trend will fall back to June 6 then head up.

  3. what you said about big money favoring a bull rather than a bear break was quite profound. We did indeed see a sharp spike out of no where hours after this video. When the market seemed so bearish, I believe understanding market manipulation is a superb edge to have, you have my subcription

  4. Amazing! So glad i have discovered you guys. Everything is so clear to understand and follow. Thank you for doing this. Would you have in mind to do one for $xrp as well?

  5. Exchanges win in both ways, in bearish and bullish trends. It is bad to follow money from exchanges. They win from exchange either way, when they buy or sell crypto.

  6. True they would have to all put in money if thw exchanges want to push it bullish. I think big imvestors would prefer it to break bearish to buy in at a lower price so this plan could backfire

  7. It’s funny when you see things several hrs after…… Bull break!!!!!! Dan your usually good with your ta… You missed this one… I will say because you are traveling… 7050-7060 was defended well??????


  8. Hi Dan, I was wondering if you play shorts at all on crypto? Been watching all your videos for a few months now but not heard you say you do go short on any positions. As a trader trainee I am just curious as to why that is the case. Many thanks and great video.

  9. Dribble dribble dribble lower. Never going to get a real rally without a capitulation move. These dribble downs usually result in an anemic bounce. Isn’t your comment on the Coinbase etc the very type of manipulation people have been whining about ? IPO underwriters do that – hold the issues up for a while. There are more big sellers, like Mt Gox, than big institutional buyers right now

  10. Look at the 6th of each month since January on the daily chart!! Should give you tons of information! Remember, always do good things! Hope this helps

  11. Follow the money. The money the shovel salesmen made during the yukon gold rush. Imagine what would happen if home depot were around in 1848. Enter Binance. The shovel? Binance coin. You're welcome

  12. Thank's for the update Dan! Question regarding alerts subsription; I tried to cancel on the day of subsription renewal; as I'm not gonna be able to trade in next month. I couldn't find the link and then contacted the support. While waiting for the replay my subscription automaticly renewed I guess. Is there a way for refund? Support is not answering my emails.

  13. Your chanel has become for me more than just numbers and lines. I got fed up with a lot of crypto news youtubers just showing shills and clicbaits. Please keep up the great work and stay not bias.

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