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  1. Great video, but i have been mining with Mr Collins for months now and i am very comfortable with his mining system, its the best mining experience i have ever had. I advice any investor who wishes to mine should contact him through whatsapp +447537181939

  2. your video seems informative with good earning ratio but ever since i have been using Mr Boris mining pool, i have been making a higher amount of bitcoin using his mining pool bit by bit. So i suggest you contact him if you need reliable mining pools and strategy on cypto

  3. Though the video has a good earning strategy for bitcoin ,but with the mining system of Mr JOHN HERMAN NEWTON ,am making a difference on earning bitcoin ,in less than two week am earning 0.5 to 1 BTC with just 0.1 BTC .So i suggest you contact him for more details :(

  4. don't forget wallstreet investors is allready in the market they don't invest any more they took your money they just know how to pump the market with people money and then cash out 🙂 wallstreet is in the btc that btc was 800$

  5. Ive been using them just for half of my invested money but never thought they would do that. Thats pretty much price manipulation and scheming on fees. Ive used them for atleast a yr or so . where else can you cash money out on the exchange to your bank account?

  6. All in all coinbase is controling you to hold your whole hand or lose money while pulling out to your usd wallet and finding out its not avail to withdrawal or send. Then having to buy back in while coinbase collected fees multiple times for you to get your money back in position cause you cant do anything else with it…

  7. You know how they are doing that right? Locking funds on coinbase for 3 weeks minimum… Oh i know . can buy the coins but not cash out for min 3 weeks

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