BTC Showing Potential, ETH Looking Weak – SEC Increases Pressure, Gaming + Crypto – Ep205

We’re in “no man’s land” for trading but I am cautiously optimistic in the short term for BTC. ETHBTC not so much…


Titanium ICO + SEC:
Gaming + Crypto:

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  1. Hey, Carter! What's up is that (for those who don't already know) Ethereum drops because EOS is sabotaging. It's a bad moral choice. EOS will implode due to its rediculous structure and its criminal, nefarious players. People don't want to be associated with bad guys in our relatively new ecosphere. Remember, reputation is everything.

  2. I do not understand securities. Is crypto on it's way out for people that are not accredited? What is your line of thinking for our future? What do we do as far as buying? Maybe decentralized?

  3. Let me just move this box.. There! As you can see, it bounced of this box ? Now let's look at this from a macro perspective and do some more trendlines ??

  4. Also it's activision blizzard. They used to be two companies but partnered up. Blizzard is known for World of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft. Activion mainly from call of duty.

  5. I am a game dev and i am super interested in what you are saing. As a mater of fact i just had a chat with the team from enji about this. Unfortunately i do not think that i will have the financial power to pull this of, but i usual i will give all that i have. I want to make a game with crypto in mind to bypass both news, security problems and market manipulation (especially now when everything goes political in the industry)
    I hope that either somehow i find some hidden gold to get a team that makes the coin for me or that there is a team with a coin that feets perfectly my needs.
    For now i will keep dreaming 🙂

  6. Great videos, I always enjoy your content Carter. I couldn’t agree with you anymore on gaming platforms. LOOM Network has a very clever way to potentially solve the scaling problem. It’s a side-chain of the Ethereum blockchain. My top gaming platform picks at this point are LOOM/MANA/WAX.

  7. I just dont see why you need cryptocurrency in gaming. You need to buy it for dollars first anyway, why add the extra step? Besides that, games like fortnite already let you buy ‘in game credits’ with dollars, so what Would cryptocurrency add here…?

  8. The highest tx speed of any platform on their own main net so far as I have seen is Komodo with a tested 800k tx p/sec. Nothing else has come close yet. Fwiw.

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