GamesCom News, Nerf Guns and more iWatch rumours: The TechRadar Show

In this week’s TechRadar Show, we discuss all the biggest announcements from GamesCom, plus is the Premier League really going start using Football …


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  1. 10:16… What are you on about. How could apple put it all in one device. What would you have an iWatch that sometimes works standalone, so sometimes your watch has a data plan and sometimes it doesn't because that's how would combine the gear and the solo. It's like this the gear is analogous to an WiFi iPad, you need a WiFi hotspot for it to work. The solo is like a LTE iPad it runs on its own. Sounds like apple is big on combining features not making money off of multiple products.

  2. smartwatches are pretty stupid coz their whole point is not having to take out ur phone, but if u still have to kepp both hands free to use it, why not take out ur phone?
    if apple has an answer for this than people will surely buy it…but either way , because apple is making it , people will buy even if its a regular digital watch ;P

  3. WOW that Galaxy Alpha is such a copy off the iPhone! BIGGEST FUCKING COPY EVER, Samsung if you are going to copy, make the copy better.

  4. Tomb raider is a timed exclusive. Phil spenser elaborated on the vague verbage in a subsequent interview about a day or so ago.

  5. Lol I love Motorola"s watch , and at this point apples better blow me away because that's going to determine wether I get the iPhone 6 or not and instead get an android

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