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  1. Does anyone else watch these IGN reviews and try and guess what the final score will be solely based on what the narrator of the review is saying? I’m starting to get good at this… usually within two-tenths of a point 😂

  2. Play Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines if you want to scratch a vampire itch first. EVERYTHING VAMPYR TRIED TO DO HAS BEEN DONE IN VAMPIRE MASQUERADE BLOODLINES.

  3. Sounds like a few bugfixes and a rebalance patch or hardmode later this game should be p good. Looking forward to a price drop in 2-3 months.

  4. I'll definitely be picking it up. If the story elements are good, I can look past the only okay combat system. Like The Witcher 3, really wasn't a huge fan of the combat, still loved the game though.

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