Crypto NOT a Security | $EOS to $33 | $PRL $NEO $VEN

Cryptocurrency News Live Today: SEC Chairman states cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are not a security. The much hyped EOS mainnet is still on the launch pad. EOS is a possibility for coinbase. Billionaire Mike Novogratz is most bullish on EOS in the short run. Mcafee predicts EOS to $33 by July. CFTC commissioner says cryptos will proliferated every part of the economy. BitMEX argues its easier to launder money with fiat then cryptos. Coinbase acquires Keystone capital. Mysterious Chinese whale hoards 94,000 BTC. NEO founder Da Hongfei participates in European Parliament forum. Oyster Mainnet Launches. Vechain helps establish the Shanghai Wine and Liquor Blockchain Alliance.

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  1. Hey, maybe you should make one video about MoneroV!?

    I would like to know how to claim that MoneroV (XMV) coins.

    Thank you

  2. EOS's Brock Pierce
    STILL Owns the tokens
    and he's responsible for
    the largest cache of child-
    pornography EVER seized …

    then called Clinton-connected
    friends in DC to get a pass out
    of Spain … after his arrest.
    .. and YOU must like little boys.

  3. Thanks for the info. Can you give also some thoughts on LEDU token? I heard its secured from any other cryptos because focuses on professionals and experts

  4. Crypto not a security??? Where did you get that info? SEC "most ICO´s are securities" "bitcoin is not" how did you calculate that this makes cryptos non securities….

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