Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – Dennis Rodman, Binance Euro, & Well Fargo Hypocrisy

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Binance announces the first fiat on ramp, Dennis Rodman loves pot, crypto, and peace in Korea, Hollywood disruption, women coming into crypto, and Well Fargo loves hypocrisy.

Crypto Lark Music

Binance Euro

Binance Announces Euro Trading and UK Exchange License

Crypto USD Rival

Dennis Rodman

Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke Says Movies Are ‘An Art Form That’s Been Completely Eaten by Business’




Women Crypto

Hardware Wallet Fashion

Your Life Is Finally Worth Something To A Crypto Mobster

Wells Fargo Ban

Wells Fargo Fine


Localbitcoins (please note in the video I said 300 while the number is $300,00)



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  1. Dennis R is a character for sure. Trump has now saved us from Hillary and North Korean nuclear fallout. What a guy. Thanks Mr Trump!!

  2. You should review potcoin if you haven't already haha, could be a good opportunity for some views. Keep it up lark, love your news series

  3. Sincerely hope we see more women in the space and perhaps that will lead to fewer creeps like Mc Afee and his sleazy machismo. The new movie “First Reformed” with E. Hawke got great reviews too. Look forward to seeing it. I am a huge fan (and in that demographic for sure) of the “Before…” movies

  4. Banning credit cards makes sense… If everyone maxed out their cards for crypto and it went to zero, banks would go bankrupt. Crypto would then rise from the ashes and rule the word!

  5. Those local Bitcoin traders, are they not the ones responsible for price manipulation by organising huge purchases outside the exchanges which are then not reflected in the price ? Some are saying that it's people like this who are keeping the Bitcoin price supressed. Fling them all in jail if that's the case I say, they're ripping us all off for the benefit of people with more money than they will ever spend. What happens with decentralised exchanges, are those trades reflected in the price the same as with centralised exchanges because the trades are effectively peer-to-peer, without the exchange as an intermediary to monitor supply and demand. Sorry, if that is a ridiculous notion, I don't entirely understand.

  6. hey lark! awesome info as always.
    just wanted to tell you I think that your new logo is kinda ugly, disproportionate and way too serious. sorry for the comments if you were the artist that made it :)). just my 2 satoshis. maybe another graphic designer subscriber can do a better job. I am not. good day sir! 🙂

  7. hi Lark, like good films don`t watch any USA ones. NZ AU and UK film if you need English spoken. but most places in the world do good stuff, you just don`t here about it.
    if a bitcoin been used for drugs you can get arrested. What about all my £ notes that are covered in coke when i get them.

  8. I don't think Hoolywood is making money from its work presently and maybe that is not the main objective. The art form is waning because 'thought', particularly when it's deep, is a threat to money makers. There is no instrument as powerful to reeducate a populace than one where the participant willingly places themself into the jaws of the actors attempting to control their thoughts. In Mike Leigh's film 'Naked' from 1993, one of the main characters says 'We were all wondering where the eye of big brother was and how it is watching us. But it's not watching us – we are watching it. (not verbatim)

  9. I'm still flabbergasted by the "drug war" still raging on. (*Totally not a tool for oppression of the masses) garrrhghhf….ththtphph

    ….still angry…

    Have a fabulous day Lark!
    Thanks for the news man.

  10. Love your content and watch daily. Why did you label "pot coin" as "classy" in a sarcastic manner. Sure, Dennis Rodman is somewhat of a joke, but there's huge potential for something like potcoin in a growing industry. The stigma around pot is so sad, while alcohol (which is more dangerous, socially and health-wise) is normalized. This coming from a healthcare professional.

  11. Hi Crypto Lark, how about a video interviewing funfair CEO Jez San? They are going live soon. What's your opinion on using crypto for entertainment like gambling? Will this market play out attracting more people into crypto space?

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