Ethereum Classic is the NEXT coin on Coinbase **BIG NEWS**

For the full announcement, check it out here:

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  1. Hey 🙂 It would be great if you take a look at Proxeus (XES). It's a Swiss-token, crypto daily covered it a day ago. They've had a silent ICO without marketing, sold out in two days.
    As I know, you love good tech, and Proxeus is just amazing. Its half the ICO price at the moment. Take a look! I think this project has a huge potential. Greetings from Switzerland!

  2. Don't give a shit. Not going to spend a penny on a coin that was hacked only a year ago. Also remember what they did with BCH? They are Crooks

  3. Are they just adding forks or something? I mean, why not Litecoin cash then? ahahah Joke asidethis seems very random, I mean why Ethereum Classic? Wasn't Ripple a more befitting choice? No I don't have any XRP, if you were asking…

  4. now is 14. and dropping…, no major moves… this is all foud so guys be carefull with the crocks out there…., be smart and buy coin with real value! XRP TRX ADA ETH there are the coins twhere to put your money ETC now abupmp and dump if you want to ride along this scam path…, be sure you know how!! it will be short and it will hearts!

  5. coinbase is a scam heaven for scam coins like ETC…., what for idiots!!! ETC is a nonsense coin with no real value and trashed buy the eth community…., hold tecnology and no solving any!! problem on real world…, conbase is just a whore exchange trying to fuck people up!! shame on you!!!

  6. ETC is superior to ETH. Vitalik shorted EOS, but notice he never shorted ETC. Dan Larimer shorted ETH but never ETC. None of you guys ever asked why? ETC can handle more transactions than ETH and EOS COMBINED. When Vitalik got on stage in his home town in Toronto he said he spent his life working on ETC's concept. He said learning about Bitcoin activated his desires to make it reality. If he spent his life on it, why would you think ETH is better? ETH is a rushed project to accommodate for the DAO hack, Thad why it has so much scalability issues now. Ethereum also wants to switch to proof of stake and once this happens, all its miners will move to Ethereum Classic. Billionaire investment fund GrayScale has tens of MILLIONS more Ethereum Classic than they do Ethereum. Weiss ratings gave Ethereum Classic a better score than Ethereum. Ask yourself why would billionaires who have way more money to lose than you and I have more ETC than ETH. When I asked myself that out of curiosity I did some studying and found out why. ETC was pretty much a dead coin and STILL did better than EOS and ETH in terms of technical aspects. The only thing it was missing was finding. The 2 greatest minds active in Crypto are Vitalik Buterin and Charles Hoskinson. Now those 2 are at war but once upon a time they worked side by side for years on ETC, that's why it's superior in actual functions to both ETH and ADA. Charles went on to found Cardano also known as ADA which is the number 7 coin. Vitalik went on to found Ethereum which is only second to Bitcoin. If these 2 super successful geniuses once worked together, don't you think they'd have created a good product? ETH won't have Sharding implemented for another 2 years, how can it compete with ETC in terms of use cases?

  7. Interesting points of view! There was a mini pump, I wonder how it will do if and when they decide to market on coinbase. You do any reviews of ICO's or crypto related projects? Have you ever heard of fr8network, blockshipping, UBEX and Muirfield Investment Partners?

  8. Why does coinbase keep locking up my account? I funded my accound exactly a month ago. Funds on hold and unable to make a purchase! Very frustrating!

  9. sorry but what does this mean and why is it big news? ETC has been available on most exchanges for years. am i missing something? why is coinbase so important? thanks

  10. Definitely one of the least expected coins they could have added. Interested to see where this takes crypto as a whole with coinbase now choosing lower ranked coins and tokens to be used on their platform instead of just the big players.

  11. Lol whoopity flippin' doo. Coinbase is slower than good head and will be left behind. Anybody with half a brain that does their research realizes Coinbase is the most expensive, slowest, most buggy mainstream exchange out there. Binance finally adding fiat pairs will decouple Alts from BTC and render Coinbase obsolete. Good riddance (hopefully). Coinbase is such a turn-off for the newbie bringing new money

  12. coinbase listings are not what they used to be. To put it into perspective…Loom got added to upbit around the same time as the news came out that coinbase will be adding Ethereum classic in a few months….percentage wise Loom and ETC are tied in % gains since their breaking news.

    Bitcoin Cash was added suddenly causing massive hype…for ETC and all future coins, Coinbase will be giving advance notice.

    Also dont kid yourselves, all of the coinbase crowd is already trading their coins on Binance. If anything this news brings ETC back into the spotlight which is not a bad thing.

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