The Next Currency? – CryptoCurrency Accepted Everywhere – Fluzcoin Crypto ICO Review

The next currency? CryptoCurrency accepted everywhere with Fluzcoin! ICO Crypto Review!
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  1. Crypto"currencies" definitely need to see less volatility before they can actually be adopted and used, glad this company understands that.
    LTC: LNZoULit9PnsHTkM8wLGmG1wbUb5TUMf7q

  2. Sounds interesting. I don't think it catch traction in our current climate. Something like this us years and years away imo.
    LTC: LPt1sQcGJYPdyzDaCVFm91D5Yhr1Hnx95c

  3. Interesting project going keep watching this one especially once they hit the JP Morgan exchange.

  4. One of the best projects on this year!! Controlling volatility using a new patented technology is just what is needed for crypto mass adoption, specially from retailers and whole commercial industry.. Nice review and cheers from Panama! ?

  5. LcEtkAZbaYLmgCMoeQRe8gM1tx3gFmzBNh I want to win some free crypto ..pls..been listening since before u showed is who u were;)thanks

  6. Thanks for the great review again Max and Zach! Fluzcoin is interesting! Give me the 2 litecoins please!

  7. I'm interested to see where it goes. There's so much out there though hopefully the market doesn't get watered-down.


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