ICO Greed, EOS Mainnet Drama, Kurt Russell Crypto Film – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Fantom ICO goes to the whales, EOS mainnet sees early drama, Kurt Russell will be in a crypto film, Ukrainians fricking love crypto, and Ethereum upgrades coming.

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Empowering Artists and Streamlining Talent – ZEEPIN

Karl from Zeepin and I discuss how ZPT is working to empower artists and creators by giving the a rich suite of tools. We also discuss the their game Crypto Galaxy and the relationship with Ontology and NEO.

Posted by The Crypto Lark on Thursday, June 14, 2018

Fantom ICO

CIA Bitcoin

Ukraine Bitcoin

Ukraine Cryptocurrency

Survey: 13% of Net-Savvy Ukrainians Own Cryptocurrencies

Kurt Russell Bitcoin

Sweden Blockchain

CBOE Ethereum Futures

Ethereum Upgrades


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  1. As an American trusts that his government can and will do what ever it wants. I think if the CIA, FBI,NSA OR Homeland Security wanted to know who Satoski Nakamoto is or they are…..they would know. Patriot Act is a bitch…but keeps us safe, so im told. As a loan officer we have to report a customer who has fundz in their accnt $10k or more not sourced or seasoned. Scary but, i sleep well at night!

  2. An idol to Satoshi? It may just be me, but seems people have gotten the whole point of Satoshi's creation all wrong. Not unprecedented in the human sphere, but kind of disappointing.

    "If men could only know each other, they would neither idolize nor hate." Elbert Green Hubbard

    Did a little research on the upcoming movie Crypto currently being filmed in New York and from everything I've read, it seems like they're going to portray it in a negative light. Could be wrong though I suppose. I find that odd being that it's an Indie film but who knows. Oddly enough, there is another movie out there with the same name but having nothing at all to do with cryptocurrency. Weird. It's recent too, 2018. Maybe they will change the name of the one currently being produced?

  3. Five Eyes knows who everyone is and google/facebook are giving them EVERY move you make.
    Orson Welles 1984 wasn't just a guessing date.

  4. OH NO, EOS "PAUSED"!!!! That's right it's designed to do that if if there was an error. Of coarse using the word "Freeze" is much more dramatic. EOS is a brand new Generation 3 blockchain and thinking there won't be any hiccups is ludacris.
    Ethereum had to FORK to retrieve millions lost from a hacker exploit. It also had the "Parity Bug" which resulted in HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS frozen. Software is never perfect…time to accept that.

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