Tesla Model 3 and 10 New Electric Cars to Be Excited About

We have all witnessed a triumphant roll out of the first Tesla Model 3 from the conveyor and the start of its production on July 7, 2017, two weeks ahead of schedule. However, while all of the car fans were fixated on this most important event in the history of Tesla, many had missed the latest developments on the car market that exposed its vulnerability.

In the first week of July Tesla’s stocks dropped nearly 13% in value, which equaled to 8 billion loss of the company’s market capitalization and the loss of the number one spot as the most valuable car maker in the US. This stock crisis was a result of Tesla Model S inability to receive the highest safety rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, lower-than-expected deliveries and rising competition on the electric car market.

Even though Wall Street storms come and go, but it makes us think that betting the future of electric cars on one single company is too risky, and if we paraphrased the popular saying: It takes a village, not a Tesla to revolutionize the auto industry and make electric vehicles a day to day transport for every human on earth.

That is why we would like to review not only Tesla’s latest achievements in the field of green electric cars, but include other auto makers who invest heavily in the electric future of automobiles.

All EV manufacturers that were featured in this video:

TESLA Model 3: www.tesla.com/model3

Lucid Air: lucidmotors.com/car

NIO EP9: nio.io/ep9

Aston Martin RapidE: www.astonmartin.com/en/live/news/2017/06/26/aston-martin-confirms-production-of-first-all-electric-model

Fisker E-motion: www.fiskerinc.com

Nissan Leaf 2.0: nissannews.com/en-US/nissan/usa/releases/nissan-propilot-assist-technology-reduces-the-hassle-of-stop-and-go-highway-driving-ready-for-u-s-launch

Renault Zoe and Zoe Sport: media.renault.com/global/en-gb/renault/Media/PressKit.aspx?mediaid=87882

E-go Life: e-go-mobile.com/de/modelle/e.go-life/

Volkswagen ID family: volkswagen.co.uk/about-us/concept-cars/volkswagen-id

Mercedes Benz electric line-up: www.mercedes-benz.com/en/mercedes-benz/next/e-mobility/concept-eq-mobility-revisited/

2018 Jaguar i-Pace: www.jaguarusa.com/all-models/i-pace-concept-car/index.html

BMW i3 Sport and i8 Roadster: www.press.bmwgroup.com/global/article/detail/T0272236EN/the-bmw-i8-roadster-is-coming:-time-for-a-first-look?language=en

AUDI e-Tron Quattro and e-Tron Sportback: www.audi-mediacenter.com/en/press-releases/the-architecture-of-e-mobility-audi-e-tron-sportback-concept-7637

Volvo’s new electric line-up: www.media.volvocars.com/global/en-gb/media/pressreleases/210058/volvo-cars-to-go-all-electric


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  1. Well ford started (cars) (assembly line)basically and today they're still the best selling brand. It doesn't take a village just a oligarchy. Today only 3 car companies manage to survive ( Chrysler relied on government to bail them out). Gm is gm. All the mini car brands you hear of are subsidiaries of these 3.

  2. I just realised that this is an EU advert. It's bashes Tesla and doesn't mention any none EU manufacturers. It goes on about new cars that aren't even available yet, comparing incomplete cars with old models and still comes up short on specification, and when it comes to prices… We'll make your own mind up. Also where is the battery technology coming from? I bet it's Tesla's. Not one of these cars match on specs and most aren't even available yet, by which time Tesla may well have a third or fourth generation out.

    It's full of misinformation and totally bias. The Mercedes advert for a truck, bus etc follows Tesla's statement their already in development and the quote about the first 4WD EV is hardly true…

    In 1893, before the establishment of a modern automotive industry in Britain, English engineer Bramah Joseph Diplock patented a four-wheel-drive system for a traction engine, including four-wheel steering and three differentials, which was subsequently built. The development also incorporated Bramah's Pedrail wheel system in what was one of the first four-wheel-drive automobiles to display an intentional ability to travel on challenging road surfaces. It stemmed from Bramagh's previous idea of developing an engine that would reduce the amount of damage to public roads.

    Ferdinand Porsche designed and built a four-wheel-driven electric vehiclefor the k. u. k. Hofwagenfabrik Ludwig Lohner & Co. at Vienna in 1899, presented to the public during the 1900 World Exhibition at Paris. An electric hub motor at each wheel powered the vehicle. It was clumsily and heavy and to its unusual status the so-called Lohner-Porsche is not widely credited as the first four-wheel-driven automobile.


  3. They did change the world for those pour kids working in toxic mines for the minerals that this cars need. The car is nice and affordable. I can buy one but im not cux i had a rough life but this kids have it worse. Im usually dont give a fuck but this time im SAD AND DISAPPOINTED.

  4. Sorry to say how wrong you are. Your negativity is ridicules. The ice is less efficient that even coal plants. If you live somewhere that relies on coal for your primary power than stop bitching about other and get to work at home. You want local green power get on it and make some calls, vote, do something.(positive) i have less than one percent of my power coming from coal. you want to compare NG power to ice? Well i wont insult you. The "15"% of us renewable energy is growing faster than any source. Then you bring TESLA battery backups to solar and wind farms you will have some states being possible to go 100% green. Look at what's happening in Norway, Hawaii, LA & Australia. Now the cars! 1-All Tesla superchargers will be going solar but first we need enough of them. 2- with a Tesla power wall you will charge during off peek hours when energy is cheaper and less harmful to produce.3- you have a solar roof at home with a T wall your car and home is free of any local problems you might have with your local idiot politicians.4- once the gigafactory is complete it will also be solar. The cars wont even use energy during its production. We have to pick what comes first and how it can make money to allow the next level. If you cant afford to get completely off roof, battery, car. Thats a good point but don't shit on the ones that can because they are the ones that will make it possible for everyone.

  5. Why every new car from new electric car companys look like extrem futuristic…. and ugly… the should try to get a basic of cars with full and redesign it …. this revoulutionary is to hard 4 the most buyers 🙁

  6. Facts: I think, any smog filled city will clear up without gas cars over night and save more lives than lost in useless wars over oil.
    After 6 years of driving a LEAF I saved plenty of money on gas and maintenance enough for a new EV in 15 years.
    Charging an EV in your sleeping time is not an inconvenience and a Tesla supercharger does not take 6 hrs to charge
    and neither does a fast charger.
    Solar power is all that is needed to power my EV and delivered free to my house for the next few billion years.
    Initial EV negatives are quickly made up by being 100% emission free,
    I have seen first hand the environmental green benefits EVs are bringing to our environment.
    Batteries eliminating the need for oil or gas stations and I have forgotten where they all are.
    My visa bills too have cleared up from the oil stains.
    I could go on for ever but your BS is a joke and does not stand!

  7. Please convert to metric units in future videos! (with labels, for example)

    every human except the British & American.

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