The Last of Us Review

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  1. Naughty dog the best developer in gaming… are you freaking mad… guess you never heard of a company named Bethesda who has a developer named Todd howard.

  2. i had to play this games four times in a row and i hated it at third part but after finishing the fourth run and getting the plati, i instantly missed the game 2 sec after getting the platinum trophy. Knowing that i'll never be able to get them feelings from the first playthrough.

  3. No game has immersed me and connected me into gaming more than this. I've played it again and again, and somehow still go back to it to enjoy the story. I applaud the actors and actresses who voiced this game. You did an amazing job. I hope the same masterful performance continues into TLOU2. This game is untouched still. You'd be a fool to not go through it. It goes to show that you don't need massive weaponry of all out warfare to create an experience. My favorites have always been those with immersive storylines, and no game does a better job of adding the human element than TLOU. Can't wait for the sequal. I just hope they don't muddle it too much by drawing the focus away from Joel and Ellie, because it appears, according to the latest trailer, more characters will play a role in influencing the story. Although, I don't want to take away from this at all. I hope some good, academy award winning actors will be voicing some of the roles to add more emotion into the game. It would certainly add more substance to the story, and perhaps divide us as players by conflicting our emotions through attachment for other characters.

  4. Wanted to play an old system so I got a ps3 and some games this is one of them I have had for over a month and I think I might actually play this now for the first time

  5. Best ost
    Best graphics
    Best story
    Best character development
    Best voice acting
    Best atmosphere
    Thought provoking masterpiece

  6. I've never played this game but I'm thinking about getting the remastered version for PS4 it's on sale for $8 should I get it? Please respond people lol.

  7. This game will never die. 4 years later and I’m blown away by how damn good naughty dog is for making this game. And the multiplayer keeps bringing me back. Last of us part 2 is just gonna make us like kids opening a Christ present

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