Top 10 VTOL Airplanes and Smartest Aviation Inventions in the World

The major downside of conventional aircrafts is the necessity to build complicated infrastructure for them to be able to take off and land, get loaded or serviced, plus they require years of training to be piloted.

But what if you could have a flying vessel in your garage or on your roof that would be much quieter, safer, far less expensive, could soar into the sky vertically and possibly would be fully autonomous? Check out our list of the Vertical take-off and landing aircrafts (VTOL) that will conquer the skies in the nearest future. Enjoy your flight!

Here is the information about the airplanes featured in this video:

EHang 184:

Terrafugia T-FX:

Airbus and Italdesign Pop.Up:

eVolo Volocopter VC200:

Lilium Jet:

Joby S2:

Jetpack Aviation VTOL:

Airvinci – future of personal flight:

Aurora VTOL:

TriFan 600 by XTI Aircraft:


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  1. I love the pop up idea but when fuckers want to highjack your shit cause they can and then start sending your ass into buildings cause of course God told them too… man fuck i can't really want this kinda luxury…

  2. Until they create a vtol craft that has a similar footprint and styling as conventional cars, trucks or suv's do, I don't see them becoming mainstream – as a purchased form of personal transportation. I can see them being used often for public transit however. The day will soon come when a car like a Tesla can simply turn the wheels over and start flying, even while in motion, and a decent distance, at a decent speed – THEN these craft will become mainstream… Let's just hope that the politicians can keep up!

  3. All but one of these designs have a real chance of making it big commercially and thats Lilium. Look at all the other concepts and now look at lilium and tell me not what you see but what you dont see… large exposed rotor blades. Here's the problem with all the other designs. 1 lack of saftey. Lest be real here, their will be a crash one day with such aircraft, and what are you more likely to survive, an aircraft with little encased engines that pose no threat, or a craft with numerous large rotors that will sheer off at high speed upon contact. 2. Flight time. all but two possibly three concepts here will have enough battery power to offset their large engine requirements greatly needed for flight time. As its one thing to add engines its another to take into account the power they need for a given time. Lilium beats them all. 3. sound. lilium again with its turbo fans is the quietest here. all others will sound as loud as heck due to the amount of rotors and their size.

  4. Is the TriFan only driven forward by the fans on the wings? I don't see the engines or any jets, so I'm wondering if this is a hybrid vehicle or whether the engines can directly drive the plane. Thanks!

  5. Watching the apartment building fire over in the UK yesterday makes me think that someone could design an vehicle that can carry a grappling rope or chain link ladder right up to the side of a building.

  6. hi love your videos
    can i ask what is your mother language
    and what software do you use to make your videos
    can you make a video about the e go electric car from Germany
    thanks ✌

  7. hi love your videos
    can i ask what is your mother language
    and what software do you use to make your videos
    can you make a video about the e go electric car from Germany
    thanks ✌

  8. The next generation aviation technologies can change the way we travel once and for all. VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) belong to the list of such technologies, as it can enable airplanes to operate without most of modern airport infrastructure. So are you ready for compact aircrafts for city travel?

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