Smarter Insurance – CryptoCurrency Insurance – Inmediate Crypto ICO Review

A smarter way to do insurance, through the blockchain! CryptoCurrency insurance through Inmediate Crypto ICO!
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  1. nice to see it's powered by zil, i have a lot of that. no paperwork and easy insurance – sounds like a dream


  2. Great job on he deep dive. There has go to be a better way for insurance to work for the people, not the stock holders. The block chain makes this possible.
    LTC: LbeAayuCRQaA6qyDtBFYQ7hwkrRa1h7fih

  3. Love the competition it brings to our regular insurance agencies and their crappy service.

    LTC- MA4uE49pPaUwKBXmRqJv2kE5mC6THeGWvk

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