$120 Million Buyout! – Fitrova Bought For $120 Million Dollars – Fitrova CryptoCurrency Buy Back

Fitrova has been bought out by TWILX for nearly $120 Million Dollars! The cryptocurrency project is doing a buyback!
Check Out Fitrova: https://www.fitrova.com/
Buyout Article: https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/twilx-acquires-fitrova-frv-for-119-7m-with-token-buy-back
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  1. Lots of hype around this project but I never bought into it. Think I'm going to stay clear.
    Litecoin: MMWAhA6BNd3oW8RGjfSzRmJ4wLfbSVMXwR

  2. Never heard of this coin before
    But there are so many coins in the market to keep a track on

  3. I dont even know how much i lost so far with FRV, i have over 200k and am hodlin because i dont know what else to do. Please reward, my patience SEO. CCN please comfort me. LNfo9ZyTEgPg2qVK75o6LodSZtuKRXPLNR

  4. No way I would get in this token. It does not meet my criteria to invest in it. I stick to my eternal philosophy which is no coin over 500,000,000. max supply is a good long term investment. May just swing trade and then dump.. like a bad habit.. This is not a financial advice nor i am charging for it. But would not be bad thing to get a free litecoin LdVg9EXYDx4PyjdyCzyQtRgRaCaWGMYLvD

  5. I still do not understand how to convert my Fitrova or swap it….. but I really support it!

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