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  1. The Final Fantasy 3 (SNES) overworld theme got me hard. Honestly, I know myself well enough that I can form realistic expectations based on what I see in 60 seconds of gameplay – what I love about watching reviews and the like revolves around the entertainment. Dunkey and I have completely opposite views on JRPGs/turn-based games (which totally makes him a lower form of life or something, right?), but he's definitely consistent and he makes it fun regardless of his take on the subject. That's all that really matters.

  2. "my opinion" is that critics suck period. what matters is that no matter how many assholes come out of the woodwork to criticize someone elses art, artists continue to do their thing. because if it wasnt for artists, life would suck. if it wasnt for critics, well, shit nothing. critics dont matter. artists matter. and more critics need to recognize this. but i liked this video alot. you dont take yourself too seriously and your funny as shit. thanks. but thats just my opinion

  3. Actually crash n st is made by the shitty company activation.not by naughty dog would never do that shit.i have the pc version and it doesn't support any cheap controller even with x360 or xinput. And there is no exit button during levels and they fucked the graphics too high which you can't
    Play it on 60fps.great jop activation. You had a one simple job to create an already created game and you fucked up.

  4. you are kinda like a child when it comes to game, not in a bad way but you definitely prefer constant action over a story driven game, i prefer story as im a movie faggot so last of us and uncharted 4 is my shit, same with skyrim.

  5. "The Hobbit reveals his new videogame "Metal Gear: The Hobbit." I wonder if Nintendo Reggie helped him develop it.

  6. Turn based combat can be pretty good if it's done in a fluid way that seems natural. Like, if you've ever played XCOM, you'll know what I mean. Now compare that to something like final fantasy and you see the difference.

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