Smartphone Awards: 2014!

Best Smartphone options of 2014! The Dream Smartphone, 2014: Top Big Phones [0:55] Best Compact Phones [2:59] Best …


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  1. Yeah… they were wrong to take the plastic back and replaceable battery option….. and yes…. we do regret it… Apple pukes are CERTAINLY regretting it…. LOL..

  2. It’s 2017 now and I am seeing this video and Austin Evans looked so funny back in the day and I look the same now too

  3. Looking at this again, and then Blackberry pops up. Notice how BB took the LG approach with the 801 chip instead of the 805. Maybe BlackBerry messed up with going all flagship with the 810 on the Priv instead of the 808.

  4. I feel like it should be illegal to be able to capture 4K videos on a phone with 16GB storage without the possibility to use a SD card.

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