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  1. No matter what you think of this game, you gotta admit that very few games can actually fool you for a second if you’re viewing reality or not. I can’t tell you how many times my dad walked in and thought I was watching actual cars race

  2. This game was a proper reboot to underground series. i loved everything about it except the less list of cars.otherwise this game brought back the underground dream! ❤♥

  3. I'm glad I watched this first.. I'm not basing on the game but it's not something that I'd play a lot. And I'm pretty sure I heard a mention of online only :

  4. Theres a Need for Speed and Need for Speed Rivals Deluxe Edition Bundle on the Playstation store for about $17, should I buy it?

  5. The cutscenes are supposed to be dumb fun and over the top. Do you really want a gritty dramatic story with your racing game where you make hot pink cars?

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