The problem with IGN’s Sonic Mania Plus Review

IGN has a long and interesting history with the Sonic franchise, and is known for different things all across the fanbase. Most people know this company from the …


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  1. They changed the title from: "Sonic Mania Plus Review" to "Sonic Mania Plus/Encore DLC Review". Idk if they saw my video or if they realised theirs wasn't clear enough, but this truly shows that they have grown from the whole "Sonic was never good" phase.

  2. I assumed the score was towards the dlc and not the previous released base game since it was reviewing the plus content and not that base game, which already was done.

  3. I dont understand why ign does this. I think they need to stop doing sonic reviews even if they put a good score in the review

  4. The only thing that I also don't like about this review is that they treat the game as if it was supposed to be a brand new experience, although the dlc is supposed to add replayability to the game, not a whole new game. The gameplay also looks very good, the new level design has removed all the annoying bus in the levels. For example the blocks in Chemical Plant now have a different pattern, so they don't crush you when you enter the drowning part and the section on the top seems way less challenging in a bad way. I obviously don't know what this is actually going to be like, but the arguments stating what is bad seem kinda weak. Especially when he says he doesn't like the special stages because they're hard.

  5. Russian people (except me) say that Sonic Mania is a unoriginal, copypasting cash-stealing mess, that it has nothing original, it's too simple for 2017 and most of 2017's platformers are alot better by their opinion. Do you agree with them? I don't.

  6. I'm not even going to watch the video. I know that IGN will only give it a bad rating cause those people over at IGN don't have faith in Sonic.

  7. i think everyone knows ign are idiots… i dont bother with them much now days report to much on rumours. only facts they come out with has to be spoonfed to them

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