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  1. There is one thing I always do in Bannished: If I don't like the location I start over. I need room to build fields right away; two to start with a goal of four as soon as possible. Roads don't cost anything and they increase the speed of people using them, so build them! Stone houses burn less easily and use less firewood, so build them, and don't put them so close together!

  2. As much as I enjoyed Banished, and I really did, I just could not stick with it. I love a good city builder, and this is a great one, but my problem is that I focus on the town setup and aesthetics far too much, and your town in banished needs far more in functionality than looks or everyone will die. My urge to organize and designate "districts" makes my arrangements pretty, but not efficient, and in this harsh world efficiency is the name of the game. It is definitely worth a try if organization and aesthetics can be a sliding scale for you.

  3. Though i agree that some sort of goal/campaign would highly benefit the gameplay, i still think the replay-ability is high. And every new game is different. Oh, and full 1 bonus point because this is the work of just one man who knows his stuff. So that makes it a 9.3. Almost perfect.

  4. THIS guy. the guy presenting this game. He's probably the best crew in his company. most of the other guys talk pretty fast and i sometimes can't get what they say. But his talking speed is most appropriate for this kind of stuff.

  5. I hit 70 pop. I was so happy! Everything is good…but then a tornado hit. It wipe out half of my town and most of the barns and market is in that area.. i lost all my supplies and the rest of my citizen dies out of starvation… i cried. 🙁

  6. Is it recommended for someone who enjoys city/buildings /managing games like Tropico 4 and 5, Anno series ?

    I really do now know if I will like this game or not, and not sure if I should buy it. I would love to hear some people who own the games what they think about it.

    Thanks in advance !

  7. Surprisingly good review from IGN. I had exactly the same impressions. I tend to just keep starting new cities over and over instead of continuing the same one, so I haven't even reached 20 years into a city yet.

  8. A great game, but unfortunately towns above 150-ish people get glitchy and too complex for the AI to rationalize/balance things out

  9. Now just add army building,
    meeting other villages (possible online?)
    and going off to war 🙂
    while keeping your village (soon-to-be-empire) alive

    NOW that's a game worthy for the ages

  10. if you quit this game for like 2 weeks and come back will your village die? (real time games)
    i dont mind waiting a couple real hours to build a building but i dont want to be forced to babysit the game

  11. You sound like you're reading from a script. You also need to work on your inflections and sound more engaging with your voice because I found the style of your review too distracting to allow me to focus on the review's substance.

  12. I had a tornado hit my city and wipe out my trading post, market, and only barn killing one third of the population and then the winter hit. I almost cried as my town was wiped out. 

  13. really difficult but fun! although as soon as i run put of resources like stone and iron in the immediate and i don't have the resources or manpower to build a mine and a quarry then i find myself screwed
     i also wonder how he built that a,azing town without mining or quarrying

  14. Game would have been better with an Old West theme or some Amish Field Workers thrown in,  not the Damned Hippie Commune !!!

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