Teen Titans Go! To The Movies Review

This animated DC superhero movie is bonkers in the best way. Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (2017) – Trailer Debut …


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  1. Lol that dislike bar? seriously if you are over 10 and complain about this show, you fail as a human being lmao??

  2. I find it funny that people are criticizing the review for being trash when the movie isn't even out yet to the public.And they think that they aren't as toxic as the fans of TTG.

  3. I get annoyed when people say "it's not as dark as Teen Titans". How many "dark" episodes did they have? Even ttg make fun of it as if tt had some overall gritty tone. Does being well written somehow mean it's too dark and serious?

  4. "8/10? That is something that should be given to the original Teen Titans, not this garbage!!!" – Every manchild from the cartoon community besides Animat (and that's coming from someone who doesn't even care about Animat very much).

    Seriously, grow up and do something productive with your life. In fact, I'm just going to like this review to make you manchild mad.

  5. The sad thing is, people are so accustomed to hating on anything having to do with Teen Titans GO at this point that this could've been the perfect movie and people would still call it trash. I personally understand why people hate the show, because it's not the Titans that they remember growing up, but it's not supposed to be. Although, I don't understand why the two are even compared. I don't see GO as a reboot, but as a completely different thing entirely from the original made for a completely different audience. Honestly, just seems like a case of reverse nostalgia goggles.

  6. ? Teen Titans GO! to the Movies now available ☛ [ t.co/SN1WvncuBk ]
    A villain's maniacal plan for world domination sidetracks five teenage superheroes who dream of Hollywood stardom.
    Disfruta de una noche con estas populares películas disponibles para transmitir con video de alta calidad.

  7. 0.00005731957281057632/10 Roasting Marvel is too much. Would rather watch Titans on Netflix. BTW, who does all these reviews? Children? Neanderthals?

  8. Goddamn this show is hilarious and the fact that everyone gets salty at it is funny. Then the show takes another step and makes fun of the people who whine about it.

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