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Cryptocurrency News Live Today: Charles Hoskinson Envisions Cardano [ADA] As The First Trillion Dollar Cryptocurrency. G20 Ministers Say Cryptocurrencies Are Not a Threat to Global Financial Stability. Coinbase ads are back on Google. Will Bitcoin Follow Gold And SkyRocket With EFT Approval?. Cryptocurrencies in India are at par with electronic means of payment, states the Law Commission of India. Workers In Costa Rica Can Be Legally Paid In Cryptos. Weiss Ratings Poll Declares Ripple (XRP) Best For Moving Funds Between Exchanges. BIP174: The Bitcoin Improvement Proposal That Would Make Offline BTC Transactions Possible. ALTCOINS Tron [TRX] introduces its new Chrome extension, ‘TronLink’. Crypto ATM to be Installed in Bulgaria for the First Time.

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  1. Snap Cardano up before these guys start seriously rolling this thing out. Look at the rigorous way they're programming… where's the wise money gonna go!

  2. Dude, it's obvious you hold a ton of ADA and are looking to pump the coin. No they didn't pay you to shill but you're looking out for yourself…screw the viewers smh

  3. Cardano 250x would make the price around 41$ with a 45 billion total supply. Dont talk trash. PS. The 300% increase is measured from bitcoins peak last year. Not the current value. Get your facts straight.

  4. You could take a look at "APEX" (CPX), ranked as the Top Artificial Intelligence Company by China Internet Weekly, and which partnered with one of the largest government backed big data platforms in China ! There is so much other good stuff about this hyper undervalued coin… Supernodes, utility token, wallet and mainnet coming soon ! Hope you'll take a look at this gem ! Cheers

  5. Makes Sense! ETH was trading at 10 cents not too long ago. ADA will become the World's Project by Year End. Loading up every time it goes down. And once BTC rests at 8400, then ADA will be over 20c

  6. Why is the G20 even talking about Crypto, if it is only a drop in the bucket on the global GDP ? I think they know it is a world changing event and they are trying to down play the inevitable demise of Fiat.

  7. alguien me puede responder esto, pero asi con la verdad y con pruebas. Quien decide si sube o baja una moneda donde esta la base o el centro como decir la bolsa de valores de new york ahi deciden si sube o baja pero las criptomonedas quien decide si sube o baja les aseguro que nadie puede responderme esto jajajaj porque es una bill estafa todo. Lo que hacen que suben la moneda que menos compradores tiene para obtener menos perdida asi la gente se desespera y se pasa a otra moneda y asi va perdiendo saldo. Ahorita el btc es mas probable que baje a 2500 a que llegue a valer mas de 15000. No se dejen engañar, respecto a ADA este señor el inventor dice que valdra 250 usd pero lo dice porque esta vendiendo su producto necesita que la gente compre compre e invierta y van a pasar unos 5 años y no subira luego la gente va vender y se cambiara de moneda y luego va subir y asi es un juego de paciencia

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