Ghost Recon: Wildlands Review

Ghost Recon: Wildlands reviewed by Brian Albert on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Ghost Recon: Wildlands Graphics Comparison – Xbox One vs. PS4 vs.


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  1. the repetitive missions Is the best part because you can change it up each time you do a mission for example take it stealthy or guns blazing

  2. the repetitive missions Is the best part because you can change it up each time you do a mission for example take it stealthy or guns blazing

  3. I really enjoyed this game. On my second play through at tier 5 level. The significantly more alive compared to mgs 5. The story mission is on par but the real meat of the game in the mission u can go for yourself. The feeling after clearing out the big unidad bases with no alarm raised is pure bliss. Setting up ambushes at chokepoints while seeing enemy reinforcement goes the wrong way. Pure bliss I say

  4. guys pls i have money to buy one game on xbox one ghost recon – pubg – overwatch pls help i need a game to enjoy on long term like rainbow sin siege

  5. One of the best games I've ever played, and I play realistic games only, haven't played games on story mode for years and this game got me hooked pretty easily. For a true experience is better to play the game in extreme difficulty mode and turn off the minimap and enemy/rebels tags, that could bring you to an extraordinary and intense game, full of stress and adrenaline . Any less than that could be too easy or too boring. One last thing, he said in this review that skills are pretty easy to acquire and that's not true, at least in the extreme difficulty mode I'm playing it takes me lots of hours enable one or two skills to upgrade and I always end up having a difficult time to choose which one I'm going to get even though I'm on the need of a couple of them I have to be patient and wait until next time when I finally enable it again. This game is an 8,9 at least for me!

  6. Fair review!
    I feel other reviewers have underrated this game a lot!
    For me it’s an 8.
    Raving up the difficulty level makes each level requiring proper tactics and execution.
    Mistakes always gets you punished.
    Story isn’t its strong point.
    But the freedom and tactical combat makes this worth it.
    Saying Skyrim deserves 9.5 with the amount of bugs, poor shallow mission structures, mediocre story ,poor dialogue and a world that requires mods to keep it interesting.
    Than this game deserves more

  7. I didn't have a problem with the vehicle mechanics. After hearing bad things about how crap cars/helicopters are to control I nearly never bought the game. But after about 5 minutes of driving a vehicle for the first time I had it down to a tee – it's not often I'm not in a vehicle now. I have only had the game a month or so, so Ubisoft might have released a patch/update since release to improve vehicle controls, but I highly doubt it.

  8. I know this comment is a year late but just wanted to say my mates and I bought the game when it 1st came out and are still playing it. When COD WW2 came out we made a switch for about 2 months but that game had no staying power for us so we went stright back to Wildlands and made new characters to play it all over again. In our opinion it's the best co-op game we have ever played. I know people complained about the land being to big and there being nothing to do going from one mission to the next but the environment is actually amazing. I love how you can use the environment to your advantage in fire fights with the ability to use all kinds of tactics to engage the enemy and make an escape. You can have 2 snipers on over watch placed on 2 different flanks of an enemy base to keep an eye on things while 2 guys go in to steal intel or take someone out. If set up properly the snipers can also cover each other and also lay down lots of cover fire with LMGs or assult rifles equipped with M203s as the infiltration teams makes an escape. If hitting a large base you can even go to a smaller base and steal an Apache attack chopper and have it sitting on standby in case a Sniper want to switch to air support. You can fight your way up a hill side using a peel maneuver and then change direction once you have broken line of sight to lose enemy contacts. So many options we love it!

  9. It's ok if it's repetitive to me. Heck, I played Saints Row III & IV for a good 30 hours after I did everything. If you got an imagination, any game after it's done can be fun. Then again, repetition isn't for everyone and most of the time it feels like there is a small number of people looking for the flaws than the things they did right. I like to focus on the latter, so I'll take a peek at some gameplay before deciding. Anyway, whole point of this comment, pointless rant aside, anyone have a recommendation for a good co-op let's play or something I can look at?

  10. only thing worth renting for was one mission where you fight the Predator, but you have to upgrade like a lot like better weapons and maybe more people just to kill it.

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