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  1. I feel like 15-20% of this could be stopped if we didn't deliberately not press right stick to get the one moron to shut up, but to prove a point we waited until half way through recording to do it. Because we know people aren't going to watch the whole video. Ggs.

  2. When I played this particular mega man when I was younger I loved the concept of the 3D gameplay and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Now looking back on it, this was awful.

  3. Why did you wait 4 minutes to answer the operator call? Was it to prove a point? I think BURN TO THE GROUND ¡FIRE! was more than enough hahahaha

  4. I think X7 is a alright game, for me, it's just a another X game.
    Now X6 is another story, I shouldn't have to specifically play as black Zero on easy mode to enjoy a game in any amount.

  5. X7 is the worst game in the X's series.X6 is hard with a bad story and characters but it has a bettter gameplay than X7.

  6. I remember getting to this part,playing it and then dropped the rest of the megaman series.. I didn't even bother finishing it. ? ?

    Now i have the ps4 collection so i will be beating it ?

  7. I felt an odd fealing in my ears; when I realized they were bleeding, I went to see if others felt the same pain……long story short, the orphanage is on fire and we're all going to hell.
    3/10 "Not enough water."

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