Will Bitcoin ETF Be Approved? ( CryptoCurrency Bitcoin ETF )

Will the Bitcoin ETF be approved? CryptoCurrency Bitcoin ETF debate!
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  3. Btc has been tested multiple times, but its still to risky for conservatives.. I had a doubt when i purchase my first $100 Etherium a year ago. Same concept apply to etf probably.

  4. Ill bet there’s a seat in the ETF maybe an extra 90 days but can’t hold down crypto bulls too long, floodgates are opening

  5. They will put it off. But this is a national decision about a truly unique Global asset. They will drag around until they are afraid of another nation's investors getting in ahead of us, then the big dog investors will scream for its approval. Big money will move into cryptocurrency when the fear of not being in the market is greater than the fear of being in it.

  6. Well let's remember the people with the big bucks are the biggest causative factor as far as if. And no doubt that answer is yes that's why we're here. Then you have the institution motivated by the money they will make regardless and the players who want to gamble. I think the idea they are worried about law suits from mom and dad is a bunch of hot air. My guess is the ,we just want to cross our t's and dot eyes is all for holding off for large percentage gains that would come from a bigger drive. If this comes apart for some other unforeseen reason they want to know they played for all they could tap it for.

  7. I think this is a time to accumulate. Regulators have to get ready with exchanges,fund managers ect.. and let's face it,, they not going to approve without getting their bags ready first.. so next year Q2 the ETF approved!

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