Check out Brilliant. It is amazing: http://brilliant.org/lowspecgamer I have wanted to play on Virtual Reality for years, but the equipment is so expensive! Or is it?


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  1. You completely forgot about asynchronous motion reprojection. HOW COULD YOY FORGET ABOUT A THING THAT LIYETALLY DOUBLES YOUR GAME PERFORMANCE IF YOU CAN HIT 45FPS!?

  2. my friend would like to buy an htc vive and he has a pc with a 1050TI and a I7(don't know which model but it's recent) can it's pc handle it?

  3. Hello, I wanted to ask you something, It is possible to run a game of 512 mb of vram on a 256 mb vram card, it is something that intrigues me a lot, since my pc is something bad and I would like to be able to, THANKS KISS FOR YOU BBY

  4. Hail to the god and savior of the forgotten ones. Can u pls checkout the somewhat new F2P tittle on the steam which called ''DECEIT'' for sum performance tweaks. My cousin and i gave it a whole day to maximaze our fps through changing lod bios via. radeon pro and nvidia inspector.
    we tried to force lower resolutions but non of them worked in our favor (we even tried disabling all ambient effects via game files but nonono). Pls help LSG i think it would be a great upcoming video when you think about the big player base of the game. cheers and have a great day.

  5. Could you make a video for island of nyne?
    I got a shitty laptop, not totaly low end, But bad and I really want to play the game. So maybe you can show How we Get the most fps?

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