IGN Reviews – Grand Slam Tennis 2 – Game Review

The latest tennis game from Electronic Arts, Grand Slam Tennis 2, should deserve a standing ovation from tennis fans everywhere. The flawless presentation …


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  5. The people who reviewed this clearly don't watch tennis! The player movement, swing animations are so bad it's laughable. It all looks so ridged! Give us the player likeness next time

  6. I don't know what it is, I could play video games of Hockey, Golf, Soccer, and Tennis all day long. Very fun enjoyable games, but watching the real sport on tv puts me to sleep.

  7. How can you possibly say this is better than Top Spin? This is quite arcady, and unless you somehow prefer that to realism, Top Spin is MILES ahead in gameplay. The movement in this and Virtua tennis is such a deal breaker, it's like there are clowns runnning around on the court.

  8. After 3 years since this game was released I finally got it today & it is a very fun game. I used to have Virtua Tennis 4 and that is crap compared to Grand Slam Tennis 4.

  9. The player animations are horrible. I guess I haven't noticed that in real life every player hits a one handed backhand. The only Virtua Tennis game I've played is 2009 and it had pretty good animations but the gameplay was horrible. Virtua tennis animation + Top Spin 4 physics and we have a worthy tennis game.

  10. Top Spin 4 better. Hurry up and make Top Spin 5 for fuck sake. The tennis games are fucking dry as fuck. Top Spin 4 is the king but it's fucked by the laggers and cheaters. Make Top Spin 5 already, it's really depressing as a Top Spin fan.

  11. I still think Virtua Tennis 3 is the best.
    Yes you heard me VT4 is horrible and VT2009 was O.K.
    The only thing with VT3 are the characters.. no Djokovic of course since the game is old. And they dive a lot. But that also has to do with how you're playing.
    But the gameplay is REALLY good. It has only gotten worse in the newer editions of VT.

  12. all tennis games are shite the ball slows down before you hit, plus they are really easy, plus they only have like 8 players, one reason which makes Wimbledon and other grand slams amazing are all the unknown players who cause upsets eg Steve Darcis beating Nadal

  13. on pc is virtua tennis 4 and on ps3 is top spin 4 and grand slam tennis 2 if you want simulation go with top spin 4 arcade for virtua tennis 4

  14. Because Nadal and Djokovic are better players; Nadal has beaten him more times than he's beaten Nadal and well Djokovic is ranked number 1 in the world.

  15. 8.5!!!!!!!!!!!
    Either a) You've never actually played this game or b) you know nothing about tennis. This is awful. Gameplay, animations etc all awful. It's nothing like actually tennis. Why does Djokovic play one handed topspin backhands? Why is Nadal coming to the net almost every other point? The AI is retarded and repetitive. The whole feel of the game is half arsed and just plain shit.

  16. maybe the top spin series, ive heard theyre pretty tough, but id rather have something a little tougher and have to learn to improve than have a super easy game.

  17. you're good man,thanx,Virtua tennis 4 also have shitty career mode,it can be finished in less than an hour if you're fast,so if there is any good game like Smash court tennis 2 I'll be grateful for that information 😉

  18. calling me a dumbass then not explaining it?
    thanks for an unhelpful comment
    there are NO settings to change this so dont tell me i havent looked unless you can explain it.

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