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  1. after playing forza horizon 3,man any racing game feels worse and unplayable, don't get me wrong I'm not an xbox fanboy or anything,i just lovvveeeee forza horizon, there's something about that game that just no other game has ever achieved

  2. still amazing graphics for 2018, very fun racing arcade sim game that doesnt take itself too serious like boring and frusterating gt sport

  3. You gave this (the definitive racing game of the PS4) a 7.9 but NFS Rivals (a complete steaming pile of crap) an 8?!? No wonder people don't take IGN seriously!

  4. Im sure u got that wrong
    Driveclub deserves a 9.5/10 its the best racing game out there, with stunning graphics and you really feel like if u are racing in driveclub.

  5. I don't get what everyone's complaining bout,
    I thought racing was just about having fun,beating records and moving your way up the ranks.?..even though the game doesn't have JDM,american cars,or crazy car customization (i haven't played it so i don't know much bout it you shouldn't let that stop you from enjoying the game with friends or becoming the time to beat in all the tracks with all the vehicles)

  6. If I have to be honest, I actually really enjoy this game. Of course it's not on Forza's level. I do prefer that over Driveclub, but I actually have fun with this game. This is a very cheap game atm, so for anyone looking for a decent racing game that is cheap, it has my vote. I give it 7.5/10 🙂

  7. This is really good buy for 20$ which include season pass
    Plus 7$ extra if you want 2 Jaguar concept cars , Civic and Skyline.( Not included with season pass ☹️ )
    This is one of best looking racing games of Ps4.
    I hated the game first but once I started playing with Super and Hypercars in heavy rain the game blew me away.
    No game available now will give a visual of driving in heavy rain like driveclub
    The tracks are beautiful especially Japan and Norway.
    Don't compare it to other games, it is little hard for Arcade game but bad physics to be a sim.
    If you treat Driveclub as visual masterpiece with basic physics and gameplay you will not be disappointed.?

  8. Cons:
    1. Loss of free content
    2. Lack of environments ( unlike forza horizon 3 )
    3. Terrible vehicle collection
    4. No customisation except vinyls
    5. Most cars require micro transactions
    6. Physics and mechanical damage are just above average

  9. what's with people and saying Xbox one is better than ps4,i think they're both amazing consoles…and different people have their different tastes u know

  10. It's Euro-Centric because American cars don't know what corners are. Don't misunderstand me, i love American cars they're beautiful but they're shit.

  11. This game runs only on 30 FPS and the graphics is not that good also the driving physics could be better. GT4 for PS2 was much better and fun game for me. I have to sold Driveclub i tried it but don't like it.

  12. I heard that the guys who did the artwork only used software brought from China and Taiwan which explained the simplified Chinese language on the front cover.

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