How High Could Bitcoin and Ethereum Climb in 2018? (CryptoCurrency BTC and ETH Price)

How high could Bitcoin and Ethereum go in 2018? CryptoCurrency price predictions for BTC and ETH!
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  1. It already reached $20,000 before, now that there are more than double the amount of people who knows about Bitcoin, once they come in, it won't just go up to $20k, it should be at least $30,000

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  2. I really think the ETF decision will impact bitcoin and if it can reach its former all time highs by the end of the year. If the ETF is denied perhaps ethereum could dethrone bitcoin by early 2019. Q3 and Q4 have been good to crypto in the past so the next few months will be interesting to say the least. Someone mentioned Ncash in the posts below. NCASH is a long term hold. They have a lot to do before I see them gaining ground against other cryptos.

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  5. This is my opinion, im not seeing Bitcoin nor Ethereum ever actually being used for anything. This all does't make sense because why would they be so expensive if they dont do anything.

  6. I don't think Bitcoin & Ethereum will get to their all time highs. Maybe $12,000 Bitcoin and $750 Ethereum.
    Hopefully I'm very wrong though.

  7. Bitcoin for Sure at Least $20K by year End, ETH I Do Not Think so, EOS is taking a lot of ETH market together with Neo & Stellar is Coming on strong, plus ETH is having scaleability problems. All My Money is on The King, The Ruler, The Terminator, BTC, Peace

  8. What's going on with cryptocurrency, I've just looked at my balance after a whole month and I've never seen it so low! Jeeze!

  9. ETH CLASSIC is way under valued and ETH is wayyyy over valued… ETC will hit 100 after CoinBase listing and ETF for ETC.. Most think the ETFs are only for BTC and ETH BUT it includes ETC!

  10. Would be cool if coin base didn’t rake on transactions. Hit sell max and it’s not enough. 50 plus dollars to sell 1800 worth of btc? Common man.

  11. I need my coffee and crypto zack❗️ I appreciate the time and prop set up you’ve did for this video though ?? hope your #eth treats you will over the year brudda

  12. I thiink that Bitcoin will go about 12,000 to 15,000 by years end. Ethereum maybe about 1,200.
    I want to see a slow steady climb, Instead of the balloon popping upclimb.

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