Crypto News | Bitcoin Bulls Are Back? NASDAQ Secret Crypto Meeting. Binance Crypto Loans = BNB Moon

Are the bitcoin bulls back? Judging from the weekly close on the charts one could say they are returning however we cover the other signs we need to look at to see further upside in the market alongside price targets.

In the news today we cover three major stories on Binance, one of voting rigging, one on unethical practices by the exchange, and third on a new loan venture by Binance that could potentially moon Binance coin.

We also examine a not so secret closed doors meeting between some of the major crypto figure heads and the NASDAQ exchange focusing on improving the quality of the crypto space.

All this and more in todays edition of Crypto News

⚡Links From The Video Today

MITH Rigging Binance Vote

Evidence of MITH funding accounts with BNB during the vote can be easily confirmed by anyone. If they aren’t disqualified, this voting process becomes a joke. from BinanceExchange

Binance Holding EOS Withdrawls

EOS withdrawals and deposits have been suspended on Binance ever since EOS New York put out their guide to moving your tokens off of exchanges. from eos

Binance Offering Crypto Loans

Mastercard CEO On Crypto

Mastercard CEO Calls Cryptocurrencies “Junk” on US Visit

Pantera Capital 10,000% Return

Pantera Capital Posts 10,000% Gain Over 5 Years, Calls For Bitcoin To Head Higher

Ledger Update

Monero GUI Ledger Compatible

Updated Monero GUI Wallet Offers Direct Ledger Hardware Wallet Support

NASDAQ Closed Door Meeting

Nasdaq Increases Exchange Customers and Looks to Police Crypto

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