FORBES: The Bitcoin Price Is Tanking — HERE’S WHY!? [Cryptocurrency Daily News]

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance Buys Ethereum Wallet Service in First-Ever Acquisition

Thailand’s Largest Movie Theater Chain Will Accept Cryptocurrency
And The Market!

Kroger grocery unit to ban Visa credit cards

Ripple Taps Bill Clinton to Give Keynote at Upcoming Conference

Where OmiseGo Founder Sees Massive Ethereum Scaling and Adoption by 2020

The Bitcoin Price Is Tanking — Here’s Why

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  1. I think the opposite, the whales would want the market to go up first before the ETF announcement to make more money, and drop the market first before good news announcement

  2. Bitcoin will continue to move sideways and down
    Let's face facts, bitcoin no longer has any real support from the whales or the snowflakes ? people and Muppets.
    Bitcoin will continue to be a place where traders will just continue to trade and speculate
    All of the big winnings were won in mid December 2017!
    Hodlers can continue to hodl, however, bitcoin is not going to take them anywhere financially!
    Forget about the Lambo, look forward to a used Kia which needs a lot of expensive mechanical repairs!

  3. @ Altcoin Daily I think it is a normal correction. But i also think the ETF will be delayed. I do not mind because i can just buy my favorite coin at a sale. I believe in crypto and it will change the future. We are at the birth of a new era and i was to late to invest in bitcoin and wasn't a early adopter but i have a second chance and i will be a early adopter now and i will be able to tell my son(5 years now) over 10 years that his daddy was at the birth of the cryptomarket. So a lot of coins will be much more worth in the future but we have to have faith and patients. I just subscibed. Great video.

  4. Go on with the "If Clinton this, or that, or the other- "I'm outta here!" But, I find it amazing that the CONServatives and others who made Bitcoin a thing (when it isn't even air), made a killing when it skyrocketed (and then dumped it below the bottom), got out, taking their fortunes in something tangible while the suckers investments just went "POOF!"

    The Cons did this same thing with the silver and gold, with the retirement funds (401(k)'s and before that, all of the savings and loans. Why prey tell (I didn't misspell 'pray.'although praying might give you some comfort, 'prey' is what y'all are that have lost it all in one or more of these scams) if you've spent years talking how worthless paper money is, WHY would you buy something that is basically nothing more than a 'blip' in a computer?

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  7. The reason why bitcoin is tanking is because , bitcoin has run out of snowflakes ? people and Muppets, to waste anymore $$$$"s on bitcoin! Is everybody new here?

  8. Why don't Forbes dump on APPLE they have multi billions and their share price is a huge joke of only US$200, most of these multi billion dollar company's can barely can past US$100 share price, wake up guys Bitcoin is US$7,545 just about better than any share stock.

  9. it tanks because it is unstable period. and i feel sorry for the people buying into this crap and losing their money with all these promices that turn out to be lies.all crypto is just a way to steal peoples money and get them to sell their stocks and bullion so they end up with nothing.right now the market is being manipulated and metals and bullion are down but if you have patience and think about your familly and future and not just making money only bullion is going to take off espically copper.i have seen what has happened so far and all i see is a mess.and a loss of a lot of invested money by bullion stash is real and hidden and hasnt been hacked yet.for me it isnt about money it is also about security and survival.if the market crashed or the economy collapses this second how finacially secure would you be and would you be able to survive?if all your money is in cryptocurancy how would you make it if you lost it all?this is the truth look at the charts people show you looks like a rollercoaster ride and thats it.

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