Ripple and Bill Clinton will be working together this October! But why?!
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  1. Let's just hope that Hillary stays out of it or dead people from Ripple might start happening and no one will be arrested…STAY SAFE RIPPLE ,KEEP THE CLINTONS AWAY

  2. Bill Clinton's brain is so fried he doesn't even know where he is half the time…how they heck is he supposed to advise on ripple? Globalist trash trying to be the face of a Globalist trash centralized cryptocurrency. XRP is showing it's true colors.

  3. No matter what your political leanings may be, you must admit the Clinton name is now synonymous with corruption. Why would Ripple want a even negligible association with that. Bad idea.

  4. I think that it is great that Bill Clinton will be speaking, because it will bring more awareness to what the cyrpto world is doing. Also he can show more validity to this NEW MARKET as we are all early adopter of the crypto world. The more high profile "Key Note" speakers that are out there will allow more investors to feel that they also can come in to invest in the space. More users and Less FUD = Better crypto world as it will become more mainstream. Crypto is taking over the world and for my point of view Everyone is Welcome!

  5. Regardless of politics, Clinton made droves of money for Republicans & Democrats alike when he was in office. His root knowledge of the technologies that have saturated our lives today is priceless. He’s a good pic in the world of finance & innovation. Great (short) video Zach!

  6. I guess the Clintons decided to use XRP as payment for the suicides their old business partners are committing in the future. as more of their dirt surfaces. I'm all for XRP. Totally against Shrek and her parents.

  7. absolutely disgusting why would you associate yourself with such a horrific evil deep dark pedophile crook are you insane

  8. That sucks, ripple just gave Ellen DeGeneres 4 million in xrp, like she needs it… Bill Clinton bad news, I will not buy now!

  9. More reason to NOT buy ripple..why would you promote this crap? This man has been on the lolita express 26 times!! How does your spouse feel about promoting A POS?

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