Daily Tech: Mid 2016!

What tech do I use on the daily? This video has all of that. Jaybird X2: http://amzn.to/29JJTVN Jaybird X2 Review: https://youtu.be/LObJOc5u7sY Camera lens …


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  1. U know somehow I’m confused to pick Samsung for TECH or perhaps the Apple for the brand
    Ps I’m not a fanboy
    But whatsoever the apple preform better when the app are camera oriented especially the Facebook live , WeChat sight and also the insta story
    I’m sorry but some how it’s not about a spec but apply just doing a great job for those

    One thing I doesn’t like really much from Apple is the Restriction are kita way too much

    Perhaps next choice would be GOOGLE nexus cause I obviously doesn’t like the most android user interface and the experience

  2. The tech I use on a daily basis:

    Laptop -> Macbook Pro 2017 13" Spacegray (no touch bar)
    Phone -> iPhone 6s 64GB Silver
    Tablet -> iPad Air 2 64GB Gold

    So yeah, pretty much only an Apple user. 😛

  3. Hey Marques I would be really interested in seeing what you do with your old tech. keep it, sell it, give it away I would enjoy an in depth look at how that goes down especially with your new studio.

  4. I'm french ?? so I don't understand everything but the contents is very very good so I'm suscribe to the channel ! Thanks you TechNews&Tests for to have discovered this genius, this genius is Marques Brownlee obviously !

  5. Daily Drivers –
    MacBook Air Early 2015 base model
    Dell Inspiron 20 with user upgraded ram
    Sony HDR-CX160 (my first camcorder and the camera I shoot my vids on; pretty old, only 720p vids)

  6. so many people complaining…

    he should evolve what is most profitable and valuable to his time and interests.

    If he loses views, comments and subs then he needs to adapt.

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