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Today I want to talk about:
The SEC’s CBOE BTC ETF Rulling

‘No Reason to Not Allow’ the Bitcoin ETF to Go Ahead — Says SEC Commissioner

HTC to Launch Lightning Network Enabled Cell Phone

HTC to Launch Lightning Network Enabled Cell Phone

The future of crypto

Tickets Now On Sale for San Francisco’s First ‘Blockchain Music Festival’

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  1. All alt crypto crap ICO's are garbage!
    Bitcoin is a speculative tool for traders, it is to unstable to be a currency at this point in time and you really can't use it as a store of value!

  2. Selling up to 4 "EVGA GTX 1080 FTW 8GB GDDR5X" for cheap, used for less than 4 months, completelly functional and working. Shipping internationally from Spain. If interested e-mail me at: so I can give you further information.

  3. Does anyone here know Vite? It's a Nano Dag + snapshot chain and smart contract. Everybody on Twitter keeps talking about it. Site and team looks really good.

  4. Why would the governing body (SEC) of the biggest ponzi scheme (stock markets) the world has ever known, not allow crypto to be traded as an ETF? They are way to pompous to ackowledge that the dollar and crypto is like a teeter totter and the dollar debt aint going down. Just a matter of time.

  5. Coin market cap finally switched to VET and some people may not realise that even though it shows that its down 89.39% . They did not factor in the the new cap/coin supply so some people may freak out!

  6. Sirin Labs (SRN) are releasing the Finney Blockchain phone with a build-in cold wallet in November. The phone listed at $999 can be purchased with the SRN token. The preorder is 50 SRN coins.

  7. Bitcoin Ben followers know that "insiders" have said that the CBOE proposed ETF WILL be approved shortly because they have hit all necessary areas of concern, AND they are part of the "club"!

  8. G'day and good fortune! Cud U plse address what is happening in the securities token world! Some big-time stock market investors are saying that trillions of $$$ will flow into this community when all stocks are tokenized. The only name I can find that is involved with this project is Polymath. Do U have any special insight into this area??? Wud love to hear ur opinions.

  9. Bitcoin ETF will not be aproved on August. Maybe they will release some good news, but they will delay it till next year probably

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