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  1. If you opted into casual mode, it disables item drop on death. Item drop on death in this game is very unnecessary and meant for only for those who want to sink in a tremendous amount of hours into this game.

  2. I played this game years ago and just had a blast exploring. I think I should get back into this because I'm sure a lot of things have changed.

  3. been playing this since nobody ever heard of it and everyone was super hype about no man's sky and I was like "I already have starbound, why would I want no man's sky"

  4. I was on the fence about this until I heard sentient robots stuck in a humorously medieval mindset.

    Thanks to Chippy Gaming's play-through and IGN for helping me make up my mind. Cheers!

  5. I love this game, but you didn't really highlight a lot of its main faults, even now almost 2 years later. The combat is fairly stale if you go melee, the bosses, though scripted, are far less engaging than Terraria, there are only 3 builds to "experiment" with. These are minor issues in the grand scheme of things, as it really does most everything else almost perfectly, and the frackin universe mod really fixes a lot of my issues I had.

    However, no matter how good your PC is, even after beta, it has performance issues. The promised secure multiplayer servers never happened, so having a large world with large groups is impossible without disallowing mods. These are fairly large issues that is what I think prevented this game from gaining traction and surpassing Terraria in popularity.

  6. It's 2018 and starbound is getting better and expanding by the day, if you still haven't checked it out now's a good time!

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