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  1. Does ign even play games anymore. This is very unfair on the developers as ign reviews contribute to the potential success or downfall of any game with copy and paste reviews. The bigger question is how long have they been doing this?

  2. I don't believe this conspiracy theory about IGN being payed off to give high reviews. Each of their reviews is mostly an opinion of that reviewer and they have other game journalists who will disagree with that reviewer whether that game has a high score or a low score. It just depends on opinion and you don't have to agree with IGN's reviews but you can't say that each of their reviews doesn't have a point. There's always a point to each of their reviews whether you agree with them or not and same thing goes for other sites like gamespot, polygon and yes, even kotaku. This review however could've been just a coincidence and a bit of a fuck up but who knows for sure. Maybe we'll get a response from the reviewer himself. It was funny hearing their bits side by side saying the same thing so at least it gave me a good laugh.?

  3. If he did plagiarize, his IGN ass is grass. Always the questions when someone does something like this; was it worth it? Could also be a symptom of a larger problem, how are the work conditions at IGN? Are they giving their staff unrealistic time-frames to complete reviews/etc.?

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