The 2019 iPhone X Models!

iPhone 9? iPhone X Plus? iPhone Xs? iPhone 11? iPhone 2019? The new iPhone? We don’t know the name… but we know what it’ll look like! MKBHD Merch: …


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  1. This makes me sad, the way Apple is pushing prices up and the way brainless, thoughtless fanboys keep buying them no matter what. And the phones might be great, but are they worth it?

  2. I’ll stick with my iPhone 8plus which I bought over the X because it was too small. the so called lower end iPhone seems to be the sweet spot in terms of size and price but knowing apple, they’ll not include features just for the sake of deterring you from it and push you towards the higher end model. Really curious to see the price of that largest one…$1200?

  3. I'm so done with apples iPhone design team. New year let's do the same thing and add a new color. Alright done. Where's my million dollar check.

  4. Been using Samsung for the past few years now – s6edge plus then s7 now s9. Not planning to upgrade anytime soon. I use iPhone 7 plus as work phone anyway – would never carry two iPhones.

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