COINBASE ADDING RIPPLE?! “Coinbase XRP CryptoCurrency News”

Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world is looking to add more assets! Ripple XRP is in the list of talks!
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  1. Coinbase is just one of exchanges. There will be much bigger exchanges globaly in next 5 years. Ignore Coinbase for a while, XRP does not need Coinbase.

  2. Maybe that`s why xrp is manipulated down today while btc and other goes up.. just bought 3500 more, Happy hour.. seen this before with others so i`ll just buy more

  3. I realize I'm still a bit of a noob, but what would be the point of moving coins to an exchange just for storage? Might help ADA I guess, it's a major pain trying to sync the entire blockchain every time I open the daedalus wallet with crappy internet

  4. XRP is worthless and Coinbase are not adding it to sell. I have 20 XRP stuck in 2 separate wallets as Ripple force you to do that. If that was Bitcoin at $7,000 as an example instead of $0.42 that XRP was last time I bothered looking That would be $280,000 stuck in limbo! Ha Ha


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